What does scrubbing toilets and finding money have in common?

Probably not much, unless you’re me! These two activities are the “bookends” of a long and varied business career. When I first got married, my wife brought two children from a previous marriage and I just lost my job. I then found myself with four mouths to feed, no job prospects and no income. So, we gathered up our vacuum cleaner, some clean rags, a few spray bottles and started cleaning houses and scrubbing toilets.

Since then I’ve had a varied career in the non-profit sector, the for-profit sector, the utility industry, owned a jewelry store, and worked as a consultant and advisor. I’ve enjoyed success in my work, and I lost everything in the 08 crash when I owned the jewelry store. I am intimately familiar with the day to day challenges of operating a small business and my corporate background provides me with insights to daily, corporate operations. I know the stresses of starting over again and the pride in reinventing myself.

No doubt you are wondering “where does the finding money part come into play?” Well, finding money hidden in a business is what I now do. How I wish I knew then what I know now! Because of my background as a self-employed retail store owner, I have a profound passion for the small business owners of today. It is my desire to see all business owners, no matter what size, enjoying the success and the fruits of your labor. After all, isn’t that why we get up every morning and do what we do? So, to all of you, business owners, entrepreneurs, self-starters, corporate executives, I applaud your efforts. I know your pain, and I hope for ongoing successes.

Joe Hebert, Principal Advisor